Epic Games is suing still more Fortnite cheat creators


Looks like we’ve got another entry in the seemingly perpetual saga of game developers vs. cheat creators, as Epic Games is suing a pair of YouTubers for the use and sale of Fortnite cheats. According to the report from GamaSutra, “Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against two YouTubers, accusing the pair of copyright infringement and breach of contract for both using and promoting the use of Fortnite cheats.”

It appears that the majority of the complaints in the lawsuit are being levied against Brandon Lucas, owner of the YouTube channel Golden Modz. “Lucas’s channel has over 1.7 million subscribers at the time of the complaint and, according to Epic’s lawsuit, hosts videos that both show off Fortnite cheats in action and direct viewers toward a site owned by Lucas that sells access to Fortnite cheats,” Gamasutra reports. Apparently, the cheats in question are aimbots that are sold at the completely obscene prices of $54.99 US for 30 days of access or $299.99 US for unlimited use.

The other defendant in the lawsuit, Colton Conter, is accused of posting similar cheat-promoting videos to his YouTube channel under the username Exentric. Should the lawsuit be successful, Epic wants the court “to order both parties to destroy any and all infringing videos of hacks as well as the hacks themselves, and pay the developer damages to be determined at a later point.”

Source: Gamasutra
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Hmm. Do lawsuits really work in this case? I mean once a hack or cheat is out in the world it will live on until devs code a solution.

So, will lawsuits really keep hacks from hacking? Nah. They just go underground and won’t advertise.

What a bunch of idiots, btw. What did they think was going to happen after the cheats were posted on Youtube?


It’s a lot harder to sell things you can’t advertise also these cheats seem to be sold as a service so shut down the service and you shut down that cheat.

If cheats are common and easy to get then the game dies if they are rare then the game may live on.


The good cheats only work if they can access the authorization server set up by the hack provider. If that server is shut down, the hack will not work.

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WOW, he was charging that much?

Bryan Correll

I had to read those numbers twice because…..damn.