Anthem unveils its javelins’ ultimate abilities

In we go.

In BioWare’s upcoming multiplayer shooter-RPG Anthem, superior firepower is the name of the game, and the firepower doesn’t get any more superior than the javelin exosuits’ ultimate abilities, which the team has revealed in the latest update post on the game’s official site. Each of the game’s four Javelins has its own unique ultimate ability that befits its battlefield role. As is the custom, ultimate abilities must be charged up before they can be used, and while they charge passively over time, players can speed up the process by eliminating enemies and assisting allies.

The one thing all the ultimate abilities have in common is that they’re capable of dealing devastating, though they differ in regard to how that damage is delivered. If you’re a fan of big explosions, then perhaps you’d be interested in the Ranger’s Multi-Target Missile Battery, which unleashes a salvo of guided projectiles capable of taking out whole groups of enemies in a matter of seconds. And if you’re a fan of even bigger explosions, the Colossus’s Siege Cannon will be right up your alley, as its projectiles create impressive pyrotechnic displays that are equally suited for clearing waves of small enemies and dishing out damage on larger targets.

The Storm javelin’s Elemental Storm, meanwhile, can call upon the “raw force of the Anthem” to obliterate enemies within its area-of-effect with blasts of elemental energy. And if you prefer something a bit more precise, you can’t do much better than the Interceptor’s Assassin’s Blades ultimate, which allows you to get up close and personal with your targets, cutting them down with a pair of supercharged daggers.

You can see all of the ultimate abilities in action in the full post on the game’s official site, and if that’s not enough Anthem goodness for you, there’s plenty of gameplay and information to be had in the recent developer livestream over on Twitch.


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Colossus’s Siege Cannon sounds good actually, it’s like if something doesn’t blow up in the first 5 minutes of a movie, i’m out.