EverQuest II kicks off its 14-year anniversary celebration

Give or take a year, maybe.

Can you believe that EverQuest II has been running for 14 years now? We’ll give you a moment to scamper off to Wikipedia to check, but we assure you that’s accurate. And naturally, that means it’s time for a nice big celebration of everything the game has accomplished with the return of the Heroes’ Festival! The event is running until November 13th, so you have some time, but you may as well hoof it to Qeynos or Freeport sooner rather than later.

Mischeva’s Clothworks has set up shop in both cities to re-enact scenes from the past, and players will need to deal with these re-enactments by putting down some rampaging clothwork enemies. Successfully fending off these soft and yielding foes will result in tokens to spend on cosmetic gear and new decoration, plus the simple joy of living out history for yourself. So get on down and join in the celebration, and here’s to many years more.


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Castagere Shaikura

Happy anniversary now update your map and quest tracker.