Valiance Online promises bi-weekly news updates going forward


With the first phase of its crowdfunding campaign a success, Valiance Online looks ahead to the next steps for this superhero MMORPG. The creation of the game’s map and environment is moving at full tilt thanks to “multiple art contractors” that the team has employed for the purpose.

“The entire landscape of San Cielo as well as seven miles of extra terrain has been sculpted, textured, and imported into the game world,” the dev team said. “We’ve also completed the first pass on our open-world, dynamic streaming technology, which will allow the player to travel from one part of the city to the other without any loading.”

Other projects in the works include creating outfits for characters, writing the first section of story arcs that player heroes will encounter, and the tutorial. Fans of the project will be pleased to hear that the developers are promising bi-weekly news updates going forward regardless of accomplishment.


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