Chronicles of Elyria reveals its community-chosen world maps, opens server selection

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Last month, the folks at Soulbound Studios announced the commencement of map voting for their upcoming MMO Chronicles of Elyria. Since then, the game’s community of backers have been casting ballots and winnowing down a pool of possible world maps to ultimately decide what each server’s game world will look like. Well, the results are in, and now players can get the first look at the worlds they’ll be inhabiting when the game releases. It’s a decidedly ambitious move, as each of the game’s four servers has its own unique world map, meaning that there’s not one but four different game worlds for the developers to create and populate.

In addition, now that map voting is over and done with, and everyone can now see each server’s map, backers are now able to lock in their server choices. The official announcement notes that “Server Selection doesn’t have an end date, but for Nobility planning to participate in Domain and Settlement Selection, you will be required to complete your server lock prior to the cut off date,” which will be announced at a future date. Players aren’t necessarily required to choose a server prior to launch, but if you’re planning on playing Chronicles of Elyria with a large group or guild and want to make sure that you all end up in the same place, now’s a good time to hash out those plans and make your decision. You can check out the winners of the map voting contest and read all the details on server selection over at the game’s official site.

Source: Official Site, 2
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