Revelation Online gets a MOBA mode with today’s Mythical Conflict update


Bet you forgot all about Revelation Online, but sure didn’t. In fact, it’s getting a hefty update complete with a… MOBA mode. Wait, did not get the memo that everyone’s adding battle royale modes now and that MOBAs are passe? Ah well. This one’s called Mythical Conflict.

“The new expansion focusses on a brand-new standalone MOBA game mode. Players heading into the 5v5 competitive mode won’t be playing with their own character, but instead play as one of Revelation’s selectable iconic NPC heroes. Supported by waves of minions, players must advance together to destroy the enemy team’s crystal. The map is dominated by three lanes and a jungle area where players must hunt monsters, and one another, for gold and experience to level up in the match.” acknowledges that the mode is pretty traditional for the MOBA genre, but what sets this one apart is the infusion of lore-based characters that MMO players will be taking into battle. The trailer’s down below.

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Tommie Wiseau
Tommie Wiseau

I like MOBA and Battle Royal mode in MMOs, some activities becomes boring after time, and this is like a fresh air.


So the circle is complete … i guess? MOBA started as stand-alone game when it should be a mode for MMOs, then some MOBAs added PVE content and now an MMO add them.

I hope this keep going, maybe people will go back playing MMOs because they offer more than just one kind of content.

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You really think developers plan on working harder to add more for customers?

Think again.