Black Desert’s just pushed out a farming minigame in its latest patch

Lakiaro content has come to the world of Black Desert in today’s patch. “While the world was fighting for grind spots the once thought of rare Lakiaros have been spotted all over Drieghan and Kamasylvia and it’s up to you adventurers to dig them up!” Kakao says. “These legendary plants are tough and will require a special tool to uncover. These new hoes are specially designed for this new task and best of all they remain loyal as long as you keep them repaired.” So yeah it’s basically a gardening minigame, but it’s way more complicated than something like FarmVille.

“To dig up the Lakiaro, you will have to play our newest minigame. If you find a Lakiaro, you can equip one of our new hoes (Manos Hoe, Dostter Hoe, or Dostter Steel Hoe) and interact with the Lakiaro to start the minigame. The object of the minigame is to either find all of the roots of the Lakiaro, or dig up all of the dirt around the Lakiaro. If you are too rough while digging for the Lakiaro, you may damage it. Simply left or right-click to dig up the Lakiaro. You will get a better reward the less damaged the Lakiaro end up. Besides, if you manage to dig up a perfectly intact Lakiaro root, you will be able to sell your reward for an exorbitant price!”

Source: Patch notes

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It’s Minesweeper.

Except instead of instantly losing when you click on a bomb, when you click on a root it just damages the loot you get.