Fractured announces first pre-alpha test starting this month, delays alpha until next year


The team at Dynamight Studios has announced that its crowdfunded sandbox MMO Fractured will be entering pre-alpha testing this week. The test phase will begin this Friday, November 30th, at around 12:00 EST. The devs are keeping things small-scale to start, as only 100 to 150 players (“chosen among the most active and engaged in the community”) will be invited to take part. While this is great news for the Fractured team and the lucky community members chosen to take part, the pre-alpha test will be under a strict NDA, so the rest of us who just want to see the game in action are going to have to wait a little longer.

And speaking of waiting a little longer, Dynamight Studios has also announced that its first alpha testing phase has been delayed. Originally planned for December of this year, Fractured’s first alpha test is now slated for “Q1 2019, with late January 2019 being the new earliest possible date.” When that time eventually rolls around, however, Fractured fans who have shelled out for qualifying pledge packs will be able to get their first hands-on experiences with the game, and there will be no NDA in place, so even those of us who aren’t part of the test will get to take a peek behind the curtain to see what the devs have created so far.

Source: Press Release

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Robert Mann

Might be worth noting they are doing a staggered invite to pre-alpha for people who are on their list, and that footage should be able to be released upon the first moments of alpha (so likely people will have stuff ready to go).

The foundation system probably feels like a giant wall to anyone new to the game, but it is an interesting idea at least. Rather than selling this, they let people who were really interested and dedicated be the ones to get a chance. Not perfect, but a little refreshing?

Anyway, one of many upcoming games that hold some interest to me (especially with the PvE world as part of a sandbox, regardless of what they do with it *Looks less like a ton of combat-centric stuff, and more communal crafting and parties, but still should have something for almost all* the sheer fact somebody is going there is a positive.)


It basically says in a sarcastic voice “Good luck trying to get in.”