Hellion patches in a storyline with the Rude Awakening update

But why?

Sure, you might have been surviving in Hellion up to this point, but you weren’t doing so for a specific reason. You didn’t yet have a context for it. The game’s newest patch, Rude Awakening, is poised to change all of that by introducing a story. Now you’ll have what the patch notes are calling a rich and immersive reason to continue living in an unfamiliar solar system, beyond the natural state of preferring to survive instead of not surviving.

The patch is also adding in a new inventory system with proximity loot, quick use slots, and health bars on your items; that’s on top of new modules, new sounds, and new flight assistance. For all the talk about this being a rude awakening, it actually sounds more like a gentle and even welcoming wake-up call, but you’ll have to try the patch out for yourself to say for certain. Give it a shot now, why not?

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