Closers Online’s Luna is live today for shield-bashing fun


Years of shields as a tanking tool in MMOs tend to make us think of shields as being purely defensive, but when you think about it, they make just as much sense as offensive weapons. They’re huge plates of wood or metal on your arm, that’s got some heft to it. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the newest addition in Closers uses a shield as her primary weapon, and Luna is not just a defensive character; her multi-functional shield works to allow her effective access to destructive abilities. Hooray for aggressive shield tactics!

[AL:Clo]Luna has a level cap of 83 at this point and has access to all content up to (and including) Contamination Hell. There are also events to celebrate Luna’s arrival, rewarding players for leveling up and completing stages with her. All of this is accessible right now, to boot, so if you’re eager to smash things in the face with a shield, hop on over and give Luna a try.

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