Runes of Magic unleashes the Snowflake Festival, new zone, and new multi-mode instance


Yes, Runes of Magic is still around, and in fact, it’s still getting updates, including the one that’s rolled out this week. The star of the update is a new zone called Vortis, complete with new quests and dailies, new titles, new crafting recipes, new item sets, and a new instance, Tomb of Souls, with three difficulty modes to choose from.

“Take the plunge and follow Kerley Hill through the transport portal to Vortis. Explore the island suffering from drought and uncover the many secrets it holds. Make your way over the sand dunes leading away to the north, but be on your guard against the Stormwatch! Your goal is simple: you must foil Minas the Soul Corrupter’s sinister plans. You’ll find him in the new Egyptian-styled dungeon, the Tomb of Souls.”

The Snowflake Festival is also live today, tasking players with collecting Christmas presents, rescuing people stuck in chimneys, partaking in snowball fights, and stopping goblins from robbing a bank (this has to be a Gremlins reference, right?).

Source: Patch notes
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