Defiance 2050 and Defiance brings the Solstice Strike on December 17

It's a bribe, Charlie Brown.

Even in the ruined world of Defiance 2050, people are still gathering around to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. What would that be? Guns that shoot snowballs, obviouslySpecial snowballs that charge up to fire one super-sized snowball. You can put those guns to good use in the game’s Solstice Strike, especially as that’s your source of your specialized munitions in the first place.

The event brings with it not just winter-themed guns but special Snowblast grenades, holiday-themed tasks and contracts, and Abominable Warmasters leading the Volge in specially designated Major Arkfalls. It’s like a winter wonderland with far more firepower than the phrase would otherwise imply, so get ready to enjoy the whole celebration starting on December 17th and running until January 7th, 2019. Yes, that’s longer than Christmas itself normally runs, but “lasting far longer than you would otherwise expect” is also the true meaning of Christmas. (It’s also up on the test server now for players who prefer original flavor Defiance, sans the Reindeer Roundup.)

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