Fishing angles to bait TERA’s players in the BAF Masters update, now live


“The hottest leisure time activity since binge-watching has finally come to TERA!”

No, it’s not nitpicking grammar errors on Reddit or arguing in the YouTube comments section: It’s fishing! Yes, now players can cast a rod and reel and enjoy this newfound hobby, all thanks to this week’s BAF (that’s “big-ass fish”) Masters patch.

The fishing system issues in both a “game-wide economic overhaul” and a Fishing Association questline. If you get really good at this, you can fish up crates with extra goodies in them.

If fishing isn’t your thing, how about some snowball fights? “TERA’s annual winter festival returns cooler than ever,” En Masse posted. “Join us for a revamped Wintera Snowfield battleground, and a wintry bounty of special events.”

Source: TERA

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