Survived By is moving forward and tackling bugs, starting with items and economy

Sir Viva!

The development team is listening to player feedback in Survived By, and there are issues to be addressed. First and foremost are the issues with players not getting the items that they have actually purchased, which covers everything from Steam pack items to Ancestral Legacy bugs with cards that cannot be consumed properly. If you’ve experienced loss of progress or missing items, you’re asked to contact the Support team as the staff tracks down the underlying issues.

Beyond that, however, the team is looking into the game’s economy with an eye toward ensuring that the game is fully playable whether you dive into the cash shop or not. There’s also a holiday pack due to come along as a seasonal celebration, so that’s another set of items to look forward to. Obviously, it’s a bit too early to be discussing new content with outstanding mechanical issues, but it’s clear that the developers are working hard to make sure the existing parts of the game are as solid as they can be. Not bad for a game that Digital Extremes just moved into early access last week.


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Am really liking it so far has alot of promise