EVE Online updates players on its efforts in fighting against bots


Even in the cutthroat world of EVE Online, there are things you can’t get away with, and one of those things is botting. The latest dispatch from the development team details the most recent actions taken against those found guilty of botting and bot-adjacent behavior, with a reminder that players can aid in the fight by enabling two-factor authentication on their accounts and by not buying ISK from third-party websites. (There are already legitimate options for trading money into currency, after all; PLEX is not new or untested.)

The majority of bots caught in this particular ban wave were involved in faction warfare, but the team is narrowing its sights on market bots and anomaly bots, which can both be hard to track. So the team is working to make sure that all of the dirty deeds taking place in the game are under direct human control, not automated services. Don’t bot and report the bots you see, people.

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Diego Lindenmeyer

“hard to track”
aka lazy to track.

Wilhelm Arcturus

Nothing is difficult for the person who doesn’t have to do it.