Pathfinder Online adds enchanting, runs a major multi-week event

Big oof.

So what is going on with the struggling-yet-still-somehow-alive Pathfinder Online? It turns out that this fantasy title has been chugging its way along in early access all through 2018, putting out the odd patch and even the brand-new enchanting system over the course of the year.

And to cap things off, Pathfinder Online is ending 2018 with a special multi-week event called The Nhur Athemon Sequence. It sounds as though it involves waves of enemies, each more powerful of the last, assaulting settlements.

Let’s see if you can figure out the Developers’ Special Word of the Day: “This series of increasingly difficult escalations was launched in all standard monster hexes at 10:00 a.m. Pacific on Thursday, December 20th. In each of those hexes, the sequence will run through all of the currently available escalations in ascending order of difficulty, with a ten minute delay between escalations, culminating in a new escalation that is both more difficult and more rewarding than all the previous escalations.”


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3 years ago

Is anyone playing? I’m almost tempted to give them $15 to check it out again. The idea of it had such promise but the execution was so bad. Wondering if anything has changed.

Bryan Cole
3 years ago

Seriously thought this game had died. I remember playing some build back in the day, and it was just boring and awful. Much like Mortal Online, another game that still surprises me as being around still.

3 years ago


3 years ago

They need to shut this down. It’s hardly a game and they ask people to pay for it…. puh-lease….