Ashes of Creation plans Apocalypse launch in February, delays castle siege testing


A few days ago, Intrepid Studios bummed some fans out by announcing that Ashes of Creation’s Apocalypse mode was going offline until mid-January, when specialized test weekends would resume play. Now we have further illumination on the game’s development roadmap, including Apocalypse’s testing, thanks to lead developer Steven Sharif.

Sharif said that Apocalypse’s January weekend playtest times would preceed the official launch of the battle royale version of the game sometime in February. He also said that testing of castle sieges has been delayed to an unknown date in order to collect more data and shore up the backend architecture.

Expect to see the developers talk more on Ashes of Creation’s castle siege mode when they do a livestream on January 11th. While you wait for all of this to ramp up again, check out our first impressions of Apocalypse.

Source: Cached post. Thanks Gonomo!
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