Star Citizen is working on planets and tech, and also Chris Roberts’ kids are adorable


This week’s Star Citizen Around the Verse is… let’s call it mini, clocking in under five minutes. But CIG’s Chris Roberts and Eric Kieron Davis have big plans for 2019, which they spell out on the video.

“On the [persistent universe] side, there’s a bunch of existing stuff,” Roberts says. “First up would be ArcCorp. So we’re going to open up another planet; this planet’s different because it’s complete covered in man-made structures.” He also says the team is working on MicroTech (Stanton IV, another planet), which will hopefully be in by the end of the year, the full persistence tech too (dropping stuff and having it stay, basically), and server meshing (estimated more for next year).

The true stars of the episode, however, are the Roberts children, who bust onto the stream for a quick tour in front of the camera. My daughter, watching over my shoulder, is very concerned that wee Skye Roberts is about to drink Davis’ coffee. “Tune in next week for a normal boring episode,” Rain Roberts concludes, too precious for words. (My husband says they’re lucky Roberts didn’t name them Star and Citizen.)

Source: ATV. Thanks, Ken!
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