Excelsior! Bereft Blizzard boasts big boost with stupendous Stan Lee stand-in wandering World of Warcraft!

Everyone wants to feel like a hero. Sometimes there's not a hero moment.

Greetings, heroes of Azeroth! Many MMO and other multiplayer titles mourned the much-missed and many-storied media mogul Stan Lee when he passed away in November 2018. But don’t despair, for the developers and designers dreaming of delighting players inĀ World of Warcraft found a way to fix Stan Lee’s stupendous spot in the supreme cinematic tradition… because now Stan Lee himself is striding through Stormwind, surprising and supporting players with his smile and stalwart suitability as a surreptitious cameo!

Those of you who have enjoyed the exciting and energetic empire of movies built from Marvel Comics will no doubt express familiar emotions at the thought of Stan Lee having one last cameo, shouting his evergreen catchphrase of “Excelsior” as he explores the city walkways. While players cannot partake of wearing Stan’s particular preferred eyewear in this game, it seems like a poignant and powerful tribute to a writer of regular and rigorous imagination, who routinely relayed his reverence for the other writers and artists inspired by his own work. And you can bet that the team at Blizzard are among those Stan inspired!

‘Nuff said!


Source: Twitter via Eurogamer
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