Crowfall tries out its updated scoring system in a new round of campaigns


A new round of test campaigns has started in the world of Crowfall, and this time around, the game has been updated with the new capture bonus mechanic that was first announced a couple of weeks ago. In short, this new mechanic adds a pool of bonus points to all captured forts and outposts, and the longer a location is held, the larger its bonus pool will grow. The faction that ultimately manages to wrest control of the location will also earn all the accumulated points.

This should hopefully reduce the likelihood of runaway victories while also giving players an incentive to actively try to capture enemy territory rather than just turtling up and defending their holdings. This set of test campaigns will last for one week in order to to test how the new mechanics work out over a longer period, after which the devs will “see how the mechanic works, balance it based on what [they’ve] learned and immediately roll into longer campaigns.”

Also, a recent “significant balance pass” unfortunately necessitated an alpha character wipe, though to soften the blow a little bit, the devs are not going to wipe passive skill training. In addition, although there’s been much debate about whether or not to allow imports (of items from players’ Spirit Banks) for the first sanctioned campaign, Creative Director J. Todd Coleman says he’s currently leaning in favor, in part because of the “ill-timed character wipe.” Even if imports are allowed, though, Coleman emphasizes that there will be “no-import” sanctioned campaigns later down the line. To read a bit more about the thought process behind this decision (and on the latest round of test campaigns), be sure to check out the full post on the game’s official site.

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There seems to be zero hype around this title. Is it just on the site? Or, is it because it’s not closer to release. There seems like there should be more comments/interest on the regular articles for this title.

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

You’re not wrong – our MMORPG-oriented readers really don’t seem super interested in this anymore. I think part of it is that it doesn’t do much that’s super controversial – it just continues normal development, which is a bit, well, boring. I suspect the multiple delays have soured a lot of folks too, but then again, it’s still deep in alpha. Could also be that it’s a mostly PvP title, but not a super “hardcore rahhhhh!” PvP title, so none of the niches is getting riled up either way. Be interesting to see if it perks up once it gets into beta and on.


Cant talk for others, but world persistance is a deal breaker for me if you want my opinion. Even Star Sonata 2 which I like, I hate the universe resets and its why despite liking it I dont play it as much. From RP standpoint you cant feel “you are part of this world” because the world as it is wont exist soon


My wife and I pledged to Crowfall when it first ran it’s kickstarter, and were super-hyped for it for quite a while. Can’t stay hyped forever, so it’s being ignored for now, until a release is imminent. At that point, we will be hyped once again!

I think they just suffer from too-much-news, normally a good thing, but the follow up question is always “when is it going to be released?”

Also, we are archeage refugees, so we are hoping for trade-runs, pvepvp content (risk vs reward) which Ashes of Creation appears to be offering at the moment, have not seen much solid info on what the crowfall economy will be (if it’s the normal gather-craft-sell, we will pass)