Star Citizen’s Around the Verse covers intuitive flight controls and landscaping desolate moons


Cloud Imperium’s Sean Tracy and Steve Bender headline this week’s episode of Star Citizen’s Around the Verse, and if you didn’t expect clowning, then you must be new here. The first chunk covers the controls players will be using as part of the game’s latest flight model. The devs say they took into account feedback from testers to essentially simplify the control scheme – in some cases, it was as simple as inverting default joystick controls.

The second chunk focuses on ArcCorp (Stanton III), both the ongoing cityscape work and the planet’s moons, Lyria and Wala. Wala looks a lot like Earth’s moon, honestly, thanks to its rocky grey landscape and lack of atmosphere, except for the wild turquoise crystals, of course. Lyria, on the other hand, is a frozen, volcanic landscape that took a bit longer to build out.

Over in the alpha, CIG’s updated the game to another iteration of 3.4.3, fixing some of the client crashes that have been plaguing the test in recent weeks.

Oh, and as to the devs’ final joke? It’s gladiī. Thanks, five years of Latin.

Source: Official site. Cheers, DK!
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