Albion Online balances risk and reward for transporting goods


It may not be a standalone content update, but Albion Online’s Nimue Patch #6 is no slouch in the additions and changes department, either.

The January 28th patch allows players to enchant royal armor, experience far more balanced Arena matchmaking, and explore a small but important adjustment to the Sacrifice skill. Watchtowers have gotten a radius upgrade, presenting an increased challenge for those trying to breach a stronghold.

“Most significant among the changes are the higher travel cost modifier of certain laborer journals and the increased local refining efficiency bonuses of the Royal Cities,” the dev team noted. “These changes bring the time and risk involved in transporting goods more in line with the rewards, and, conversely, offer greater rewards to those willing to put in the time to transport goods.”

Source: Albion Online. Thanks Panagiotis!
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Nate Woodard

So, all I have to do is sub to the game for $10 right? I don’t need to purchase all that other nonsense?


Made several goods runs in past few days, lonely boring trips…got complacent…robbed of all but my underwear this afternoon. 10/10


I may have a look back into it soon, its been a while since I actively checked it out and most changes seem to be on the right path