Ship of Heroes works on super speed, missions, and leveling, plus hunts for ancient City of Heroes videos


Last week, Ship of Heroes boss Casey McGeever gave a quick status update on the forums. Heroic Games has been focused on super speed, which as superhero fans know is basically running really damn fast, which requires extra considerations for animation and lag. Hand-crafted missions, FX, costumes, and leveling. The team is also trying to decide when it can open up Apotheosis City – you’ll recall it’s a city on a spaceship – to full tester exploration.

“And that brings up the city. We are looking for a route for the Superspeed video, but we’re also trying to decide at what point we can call Apotheosis City ready for exploration, at least at an Alpha or Beta level. We won’t have the Hazard Zone for a while, but we are concentrating on the rest. More time spent means higher quality, and we like high quality. But we also need to “finish” an early version, declare it to be good enough, and move our artists to other environments.”

In other Ship of Heroes news, the team is on the hunt for pre-release City of Heroes videos. Based on what McGeever’s said, the devs are hunting for comparison material that will provide a baseline for what the original game had and didn’t have at various stages of development. “SoH seems to be on a similar glide path to where the CoH devs were at a similar time in development,” he wrote. “It made me feel good to see them.”

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