Mad World’s gameplay trailer is long on gore and short on lore


It’s a dark and scary world out there, and you won’t be blamed for just staying in bed with the covers pulled up over your head. Or, alternatively, you can venture out into the night to be killed in all sorts of gruesome ways that Mad World is preparing for its residents.

The grimdark MMO posted a brand-new two-minute gameplay video this week in which it showed off its action-RPG chops alongside its artistically distinct landscape. Mad World hinted at some of its non-murder activities as well, such as crafting, developing a skill tree, and… well, mostly it’s murder activities. Lots of demons that need killing, you know the routine.

Mad World is in development for both PC and mobile and is overdue to appear on Steam. You know you want to give the trailer a watch. Go ahead. We won’t judge you.

Source: Twitter
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