Age of Conan’s Saga of Blood concludes on February 19th


All great tales must eventually come to an end, and thus it is that Age of Conan’s Saga of Blood will soon be drawing to its conclusion. When the Saga ends on February 19th, its associated server will also be closing down, and all Saga characters will subsequently be transferred to the Fury PvP server. To assist players with the transition, Funcom has published a brief Q&A to cover what will and will not be carried over when the Saga ends.

In short, players will keep their Saga characters (of course) as well as all of the items and gear that they’ve accumulated over the duration of the event. Guilds will also transfer over, so players will be able to keep in touch with the friends (and/or enemies) that they’ve made along the way. In addition, once the Saga ends, players will be provided with additional rewards depending on how much of the Saga quest they completed. These rewards, which can be claimed on any character on the Crom or Fury servers, will be available “as an additional, separate claim through the shop window after the merge.” Of course, there are a few more details, including the process for name changes should a Saga character have the same name as an existing Fury character, so if you want to know how all of that’s going to shake out, you can find the full Q&A over at the game’s official site.

Source: Official Site. A previous version of this article noted the end date is February 17th; it is in fact the 19th, and the piece has been amended accordingly.
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