Ship of Heroes updates players on leveling up, powersets to show off, and staffing

We all live a yellow... er, spaceship.

Leveling up feels easy enough in games; you get enough experience, there’s a flash of light, your level goes up by one. But Ship of Heroes is hard at work making it work because as it turns out there’s a lot going on at once from an engine standpoint when you level up. You immediately restore health and resources, your stats improve, you can access to new abilities at the trainer… it’s a lot of stuff at once. So there’s careful work to be done in balance terms.

And that’s only one of the things the development team is hard at work with; both the super speed and spear powersets are being developed, with the former due for a video in the near future (the latter needs more work done before its cinematic debut). The team has also offered a new staff position to an experienced artist, although at the time of writing it’s not yet certain if the offer will be accepted. In short, SoH is hard at work through the start of February.

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