Earthrise’s reboot is still in limbo (but it isn’t canceled)


With just about a year under its belt before it was canned in 2011, Earthrise was one of those MMOs that died too soon. However, there was some hope for life after death: The game’s owners sold the property to developer Silent Future, who had vowed to reboot the sandbox title.

This hasn’t quite panned out as expected. While there was some initial movement on the whole Earthrise reboot, including a slot on Steam’s Greenlight back in 2016, the project — and its website — has gone silent ever since.

It would be safe to assume that any further chance of a revival is nearing zero except that the studio did respond to a recent inquiry from MMO Fallout by saying that the game has not been canceled. That’s not quite as good as any specifics about any future plans pertaining to Earthrise, but at least this game isn’t out for the count just yet.

Source: MMO Fallout
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