Warframe details 6th anniversary Weekend Wars and teases upcoming content in-game


Warframe is six years old, and there’s no better way to celebrate the fact than by shooting and slicing enemies! To mark the milestone, players of the MMO can join in on Gift of the Lotus Alerts every weekend in February, which reward 10 Relics in the short-term and could potentially open up a bonus Weekend War in March if enough enemies of a certain type are taken out.

In addition to the Weekend Wars in February, Warframe’s latest patch has added some mysterious new radio transmissions while inside your Orbiter. A group called the Nora Night is broadcasting various cryptic messages over the in-game airwaves, including a Tang Dynasty poem by Jia Dao and a message referencing “Dreamers” and “wolves.”

The “Dreamers” are presumed to be the Tenno themselves, while “wolves” appears to be a reference to the Wolf of Saturn content due to arrive soon™, which is explained in a dev post on the Warframe forums as a feature that “replaces Alerts, gives challenges, and introduces new characters.”

If you’re looking for more Warframe goodness in the meantime, MJ will be streaming the game at 8:00 p.m. EST tonight.

sources: official site, official forums, thanks to Sophiskiai for the tip!
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