Conan Exiles explains its latest patch delay, but it should be out this week

Next year in Jerusalem.

Yes, there’s a patch coming for Conan Exiles, but it’s increasingly feeling like Zeno’s Patch. Each time it gets halfway down the road to release and then it needs to be delayed again. While the latest patch has already been delayed until delay, a new update on the official site explains that some of the bugs leading to the original delay are, well, still in the patch. Thus, it’s been delayed even further and will not be out today.

The good news is that the plan is still to release it this week, which would imply that the few remaining bugs are easy to fix and just require a little more time. Or it could imply unbridled optimism, whichever sounds right to you. Fan reaction has been mixed between people willing to wait for a bug-free patches and those exasperated by the continued delays on patches, so let’s just hope that this one really does deploy sooner rather than later. (You can also catch up on what’s meant to be in the patch, if you prefer.)

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It’s not just fun – it’s Funcom! :)

It shouldn’t be a surprise. I do think they need to make some changes to their development practices around patch bloat, but at least they’re resisting the temptation to do a Bethesda and ship a rushed patch which undoes their most recent changes, right?

Robert Ferrell

I agree . Anyone complaining about a delayed patch for bug improvements hasn’t suffered some of the patches in such titles as eso. Take another month if needed, I dont want to fall through the terrains.