Hey packrats, clean out your Elder Scrolls Online hoards… for the good of the database


Wrathstone and update 21 are launching in Elder Scrolls Online next week, at least for PC, so you’re going to want to be prepared. It turns out you can do something even more valuable than getting your crowns stocked up and your dungeoning toons ready to roll: You can clean out your damn bank. And your inventory and mail. We’re serious.

ZeniMax says that a move like this before patch day will actually help your loading times the first time you log in after the patch, thanks to the way behind-the-scenes database code has been rejiggered with the impending update.

“The length of the load screen could vary anywhere between 5-10 minutes to a couple hours,” ZeniMax writes. “Now, this loading is actually directly tied to the total number of bank items, inventory items, and mail attachments everyone has. This means if you’re able to clear out excess items in your inventory and attachments before maintenance begins Monday morning (or even just reduce them), this will greatly help the amount of loading the client will need to do! Additionally, once you’re at the load screen, please just wait until you’ve made it into the game; closing the client will not speed things up.”

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