Star Citizen previews NPC collision detection, geysers, and shiny spaceship VFX


In this week’s episode of Star Citizen Around the Verse, there’s a Hammer Time joke. You have been warned. But seriously, the episode focuses on multiple topics: The animation team discusses NPC AI, specifically how they program NPCs to avoid collisions with other NPCs – or players, who are unpredictable. And then the network team talks about network service improvements coming in alpha 3.5.

But the most colorful segment comes to us courtesy of the VFX team, which is working on atmosphere and landscaping on the ArcCorp moon called Lyria – specifically, snow and geysers. Maybe colorful is the wrong word, since the moon itself is pretty damn grey, but the geysers are convincing! There’s also a look at the updated damage thruster effects for ships. Is it overkill to have the thruster sparks and spewage adjust on the fly based on how much damage you’re taking? Probably, but we’re here for it. You can watch the whole video below.

If you don’t care about geysers, then here’s some dogfighting in the alpha courtesy of MOP reader DK, whose channel by the way is loaded with Star Citizen alpha footage. Pew pew!

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