MapleStory’s Arcade Adventures, MapleStory 2’s end to Fairfight, and MapleStory M’s Monster Carnival


There’s so much stuff going on in the MapleStory franchise right now. For starters, in MapleStory 2, Nexon is prepping the Fairwell Fairfight update (say that 10 times fast) as part of its Project New Leaf efforts. Fairfight was originally intended to be a normalization system that essentially allowed highbies and lowbies to flock together for endgame content, but the playerbase didn’t love it, and now the studio’s removing it entirely to “[create] a wider range of content that high-level players can explore without the restrictions of playing with lower level players.”

[AL:MS2]Nexon is also introducing trader’s ribbons as in-game rewards to help assuage RNG and meso accumulation issues, and there’s a Twitch Prime promo running too.

In classic MapleStory, Maplers are preparing for the launch of Arcade Adventures next week. SAB players are gonna love this, as “characters level 61 and above will be able to join various events that take them to unique, 8-bit pixelated worlds where they can hunt monsters, collect coins, practice their dodging and jumping, avoid traps and more.” You really need to see this epic trailer.

Finally, MapleStory M has rolled out its Monster Carnival dungeon update, “including a new competitive dungeon, character rebalancing, and exciting, limited-time events” like the spring celebration.

Source: Press release, official site

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