Runes of Magic celebrates its 10th anniversary with in-game events and exclusive gifts


A week from today, free-to-play fantasy MMO Runes of Magic will be celebrating its 10th anniversary, and the folks at Runewaker Entertainment and Gameforge have some big festivities planned to commemorate the decennial milestone. The celebration will begin this week, on March 14th, with “exclusive boost, exchange, and login events, as well as special in-game activities to celebrate 10 years of adventures.” What exactly these “special in-game activities” will entail is unspecified, but the press release promises that the festivities will be full of surprises.

In addition to the events and activities, veteran players will be rewarded for their loyalty with some unique gifts. Players who have been with Runes of Magic for all 10 years since its launch will receive the exclusive Legend of Taborea costume set, and those who have been with the game for at least 7 years will be recognized with the Hero of Taborea costume set. The anniversary festival itself will run until March 19th, but the party won’t end there, as the devs will also be holding a “special exchange event” from March 22nd until March 31st. Happy 10th birthday, Runes of Magic, and here’s to many more to come!

Source: Press Release

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Chosenxeno .

Time to talk about how ROM introduced the term “Pay to Win” into the MMORPG lexicon.


I used to play this when it first came out until they introduced Geo-IP restrictions.

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Can you invite ex-Massively writer Jeremy Stratton to do celebratory 10th anniversary Runes of Magic stream? That would be awesome.