Age of Conan adds semi-permadeath mode, badges, and new race/class combos


It’s time to pull Age of Conan out of “maintenance mode” status and back into active development, because Funcom just dropped an update that contains several exciting features for this 11-year-old MMO.

We’ll start with perhaps the most interesting of them all, a semi-permadeath mode called Unconquered (it’s a cross-promotional thing with Funcom’s upcoming Conan RTS). The idea here is to roll up a new character and try to go as far as you can without dying in order to earn special rewards. When you die, you’ll stop earning your rewards, but fortunately you can keep playing that toon.

And speaking of new characters, Funcom’s activated a couple of new class/race combinations for you to try out. You can try the Cimmerian Assassin or Stygian Dark Templar in your next run-through. Funcom’s update also added a new badge system and a way to overlay your weapon with a different cosmetic look.

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And I’n sure the 15 people still trying to play “Age of Conan” appreciate the patch. ;)

Toy Clown

I’ve been looking for a filler MMO after losing interest in all but one on my list. The urge is strong to play AoC again!

Toy Clown

Rebooted my account last night. I’m totally lost, so figure creating a new character and flagging it Conquest might be a good way to re-learn again. I’ve missed the game and love the setting.

Bruno Brito

Cimmerians and Stygians not being able to be Assassins and DTs was pretty weird tho.

The semi-death thing is to be fair, meh. AoC needs way more than that to have life.

Fred Douglas

One of my first and still favorite MMOs. This would be a legitimate challenge, there are some difficult areas, and if you screw up a pull in the elite area in Connall’s Valley or a Villa, you’d get wrecked.


That is a bit of a surprise. Its not a bad game by the way but the earlier content is better than the later content somehow