Neverwinter: Undermountain looks to make Great Weapon Fighters beefier and Rogues stabbier

Neverwinter: Undermountain looks to make Great Weapon Fighters beefier and Rogues stabbier

As we’ve seen detailed over the past few weeks, Neverwinter’s Undermountain expansion is bringing a lot of new things to the table, especially to the MMO’s classes. We’ve had peeks at Cleric and Paladin changes, then Warlocks and Fighters, and now it’s the turn of the Rogue and the Great Weapon Fighter.

Rogues, by all accounts, are going to remain their same stab-happy selves as one would expect, with the biggest change being to the class’ paragon paths. The devs are seeking to make each path distinct, with the Assassin path focusing more on leaping from the shadows and adding poisons, and the Whisperknife using misdirection and a new At-Will Shuriken Toss power for a bit of ranged damage.

The biggest changes are to the Great Weapon Fighter, which is being renamed to Barbarian. As detailed before, tanks are getting lots of adjustment in regards to healing and threat, along with tweaks to blocking biting in to stamina; for the Sentinel tank path, this means that your “unstoppable” class mechanic will automatically block incoming attacks while you focus on dealing damage to maintain threat — something that will be bolstered by passives that increase threat with every action taken.

The DPS-minded Blademaster Barbarian, meanwhile, will see “unstoppable” renamed to “battlerage” and “determination” renamed to “rage.” These are effectively aesthetic choices, considering they still work much the same as Great Weapon Fighters do on the live game currently. That’s not to say they’re not getting new toys, with such painful sounding abilities as Axestorm, Adamantine Strike, and Bounding Slam.

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Jaymes Buckman

I thought people played Great Weapon Fighter because they wanted to play a class called “Great Weapon Fighter”.

Bruno Brito

So, they gave up on giving classes terrible adjectives towards their classname?

Hunter Ranger, Scourge Warlock, Guardian Fighter, Control Wizard, Trickster Rogue?

Barbarian? Why not Savage Barbarian? Or like Ferocious Barbarian?

Also, will their aesthetics change based on the new class name? Because to be fair, Barbarians are way less armored and way more sturdy.

Nathan Aldana

I mean. the adjectives was a 4th edition subspec thing. they just never gave us the other specializations

Bruno Brito

I imagined that, but they do have subspecs in NW. Trapper Hunter Ranger, Archery Hunter Ranger, Trapper Pathfinder Hunter Ranger, something like that. It’s pretty messy.

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“Stabbier” just became my new favorite adjective.