Warframe gives its Plains of Eidolon open world zone new content and better visuals


Why not take a good thing and make it even better? That’s the attitude that Digital Extremes has in regards to one of Warframe’s successful open-world zones.

The studio pushed out an update this week that “remastered” the Plains of Eidolon region in order to make it look better than ever. The main takeaway here is that the graphics for the zone are benefiting from the same improvements that Fortuna received. This means dynamic lighting, better textures, atmospheric effects, god rays, shadow changes, and the like.

This revamp goes beyond mere eye candy, too; the update offers better terrain for wicked hoverboard action, adds conservation of specific animals, introduces a Grineer sparring weapon, and tosses in three new Tusk Thumper enemies to defeat. The patch is live on PC with the console version to come soon. And that isn’t even to mention air stomping, which is totally a thing coming to the game.

Source: Warframe. Thanks Sophiskiai!
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