Star Wars The Old Republic travels to a planet far too remote for an effective demonstration, don’t worry


Players in Star Wars: The Old Republic are clearly taking a tour of classic Star Wars planets in the updates leading to the rumored expansion. The interplanetary bus stops at Dantooine next.

Everyone knows this planet if you’re a Star Wars fan. It’s the planet that Princess Leia spouted out to Grand Moff Tarkin in an attempt to save her home planet of Alderaan from destruction. However, did you know it was a planet featured heavily in Knights of the Old Republic and even Star Wars Galaxies? The more you know…

Game Update 5.10.3 for SWTOR, called the Dantooine Incursion, will include a new playable area, which means that it’s not an instance like some of the more recently introduced planets. According to the Twitter announcement and the announcement page, Dantooine will feature a limited time event that will fall into rotation with events like the Rakghoul and Gree events.

It wouldn’t be a BioWare update without a heavy dose of story. The announcement page presents it like this: “Elite Imperial forces have infiltrated Dantooine and established a hidden base on the planet’s surface, aiming to cripple the Republic’s efforts with a series of surgical strikes.” Of course, it couldn’t be that simple, the Empire originally hired a group of pirates called the Nova Blades, which you might remember from the Rishi storyline, to cause chaos. Unfortunately, they are now causing chaos for the Empire, too.

Look for more information to drop in today’s livestream at 3:00 p.m. EDT, and look for Update 5.10.3 to hit the live servers in April.

Source: Twitter and SWTOR‘s site, thanks Cim for the tip!
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Sana Tan

Since several years now, SWTOR updates are so tiny and underwhelming, even the ones with “new story” that I’m unable to feel any kind of excitement for upcoming ones. I really wish it would change, they are hyping “6.0” with announcements of announcements but we’ve seen this thousands of times. And then comes the disappointment.


Thumbs up for Dantooine, thumbs down for the Nova Blades and yet another, Empire kills loads of people but if they don’t blow up the planet it’s “a win”.

Sadly you still have to downgrade your companions to play this stuff, so only dummy chars will play this.

I was gonna say they should have hired the White Maw, they’re much more competent, but if the Nova Blades are giving them trouble maybe it was really the best choice.

Also could the Revanites or Mandos be involved? Both were allied with the Nova Blades on Rishii, and honestly the Nova Blades just feel too dumb to be a real threat, someone else has to be pulling their strings as always.


Hmm. Well, Dantooine played a big role in KoTOR so… it makes sense. And, it certainly piques my interest. The Jedi Academy on Dantooine which is now in ruins would be an interesting place to visit. A parallel and contrast to Korriban! Not to mention its link to Revan.

Oh my, I hope Bioware really does a great job with Dantooine.


I would set my expectations to low, and even if they happen to deliver, they will introduce something that will piss off a lot of people, it never fails.


One of the huge recurring problems with SWTOR, even if I haven’t played this story I feel like I’ve played this story a dozen times


Rishii, Hoth, Makeb, pubside Belsavis and the Justicars on Coruscant have similar plots to this.

Rolan Storm

This. A lot of criticism on SWTOR is incessant whining, but this is right on money. Story became uncreative and repetitive.