Diablo III’s Season 17 content hits the public test server


Considering the last Diablo III update’s round of public testing reportedly went over so well, the devs have continued the trend with Patch 2.6.5, better known as “the one that adds Season 17 stuff.” Unofficial title, though. Clearly.

On the subject of patch content, Season 17 will bring Torment levels 14, 15, and 16 to Diablo III. It also hints at a new result when using an Ancient or Primal Puzzle Ring in Kanai’s Cube and that portals left behind by Treasure Goblins may lead to somewhere “udderly ridiculous.” Wink wink.

Patch 2.6.5 will also introduce some quality-of-life adjustments in the form of additional stash space — five stash tabs for PC players and 140 stash spaces for console players — a search function in stashes, immediate Bounty objective indicators, and Death’s Breath added to Horadric Caches. The update is also making some item changes in order to further empower build diversity.

This PTR update landed on Friday, March 29th, for a one week run on PTR, so we can likely expect all of these updates to go live in pretty short order. Full details can be read right here.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Time for a new mode. They’ve milked seasons long enough!

Very glad to see more stash space, and that ain’t hay!


Udderly new content, could this be a content patch?


Nice change for death breath, this stuff need serious farming … reaching PTR means current season will end soon and i’m still didn’t get the butterfly wings, i should just push to Torment IV and finish chapter 4.


I’m no milkmaid!


Udderly ridiculous eh? Cow level ;)? I may need to reinstall :)!