Albion Online announces Outland map expansion coming next month


Last month, Albion Online dev Sandbox Interactive announced that it is working on a massive overhaul of the game’s Outlands map, which will substantially increase the size of the world, but with the influx of new players following the game’s recent transition to free-to-play, a more timely expansion seems to be in order. To that end, the devs have announced the imminent release of an expansion based on the current map layout that will add three new regions to the Outlands.

These three regions, Siluria, West Glouvia, and East Glouvia, which will be situated to the north of the current Outlands, are roughly “equivalent in size and value” to Cumbria, West Anglia, and East Anglia, respectively, which means they should provide new players ample opportunities to claim some bits of the world for themselves. The expansion is set to launch during GvG Season 6, which is currently slated to begin in early May, and the territories within the new regions “will become claimable in two waves on the second Invasion Day of Season 6,” currently planned for May 18th.

However, in order to make sure that the addition of the new territories “has minimal effect on Season 6,” any territories, mages, and castles that players own within the new lands “will not contribute season points to the current season and will only start doing so for Season 7.” They will, however, nevertheless generate siphoned energy and spawn loot chests as normal, making the new lands “a perfect place for guilds to establish themselves and try their hand at territory conquest in preparation for Season 7.”

For all the information on the new land expansion, including how to access the new zones when they go live next month, you can read all about it in the full announcement post on the game’s official site. And in the meantime, if you want to venture vicariously into the untamed wilds of Albion, be sure to join MJ as she dives into the game in her livestream tonight at 8:00 ET.

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