City of Heroes Homecoming delays move, plans EU server, offers XP boots, and battles toxicity


Remember how we were all preparing for an outage for the City of Heroes rogue servers run by the Homecoming team this weekend? It’s been delayed.

“Our move to Canada has unfortunately been delayed and might not happen until early next week due to the issues we had with our PayPal account (for those that missed it: The donations came in so fast that our account got locked, it did trip us up a bit, but thankfully we have access to the funds now, and are now in the process of preparing for the move to OVH!). As soon as we have a date locked in we will let you know.”

The developers do stress that no data will be wiped in the move, and no character data will be lost, with the sole exception of the Architect Entertainment system, which will see its existing episodes deleted. Players can simply log in and save their creations to reupload at the other end.

If you are in the EU and were still bummed out that the servers were moving from Amsterdam to Canada, take heart: The team heard your pleas and has decided to turn Halcyon into an EU server named Reunion (EU) and host that one separately in Germany, though it’ll still be able to access all the global features, like the auction hall. Yes, you’ll get extra tokens to transfer your characters there if you decide to move.

The devs note they’ve planned a post-migration maintenance plan: “Our schedule will be 12:00 PM – 2 PM UTC every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This schedule may change over time, and will almost certainly shift during Summer Time.” That’s 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. EDT.

Another hot topic in-game and Discord lately has been whether the experience rates on the servers are too fast or not fast enough. Homecoming has decided to provide special experience boosters starting next week, for free, to any players who really want much faster experience; they’ll be located on the pay-to-win vendor for the cost of nothing. The catch is that the more you boost your exerience, the less inf you’ll pull in from playing; if you boost your experience 100%, you make 0 inf.

Finally, the GM team says it has been receiving “reports of serious harassment” in the game and has therefore re-enabled the chat logging it disabled earlier this month (as GMs need chat logging to verify reports and certain individuals were already on the record as encouraging harassment once chat logging was turned off last week, fun fun). This means that your conversations in-game are being logged as in most MMOs, though these will be purged every seven days, so proceed accordingly.

Confused about what’s going on with the City of Heroes rogue servers? Our complete and extensive coverage from the last month can be found right here. The short version is that in April a leaker exposed a secret City of Heroes server that’s been running for the last six years using the sunsetted game’s original code, which was ultimately turned over to the community. There are now multiple player teams working on multiple public and private servers and server types for the beloved superhero MMORPG (as well as gobs of associated drama), with at least 32000 people signed up to play on one batch alone. So far, at least, NCsoft has not commented publicly or taken legal action on any of them, and the company is reportedly in talks with players regarding the game’s future.
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