Sci-fi Project C puts out a call for pre-alpha testers, but getting in won’t be easy


The as-of-yet unnamed Project C isn’t letting the lack of a moniker stop it from cultivating a playerbase. In fact, Darewise Entertainment is putting out a call for pre-alpha testers to put this “massively multiplayer persistent open world” title through its paces. Seems like we should come up with an acronym for that or something.

Getting into this test will be a little more difficult than putting your email into a field: “Project C is being developed to give gamers a persistent open-world multiplayer experience where they can team up to join clans, build societies and explore an abandoned planet. The world of Corvus will be the centerpiece of the game’s development, a world rich with exotic wildlife, resources and powerful technology. This is not a typical play test. Interested players must take a survey and once approved, will go through an onboarding process that includes a live video chat with a member of the Darewise development team.”

If you’re interested, you can start this rigorous process on the official website. The team said that it doesn’t have a release date but “sees this first play test as the start of an extensive, community-focused series of tests and updates.”

Project C is being built by a self-proclaimed “all-star team of development talent” and is using the SpatialOS development platform. The game is “a persistent open-world multiplayer online game where players join clans and build societies on an abandoned planet brimming with wildlife, fascinating technology and adventure.”

Source: Press release, Project C
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