Dual Universe update introduces barter and talent systems


Novaquark’s Dual Universe may still be in alpha testing, but the sci-fi title took one giant leap forward this month in becoming a full-fledged MMO.

This is thanks to May’s r0.15 update, which defied its unassuming name to introduce a host of much-needed features to the game. A barter system will help to encourage a thriving economy, while the talent system will allow players so specialize in various professions through a time-based progression model.

There’s plenty more with this patch, as well. Graphical improvements, an inspection window, a “missed notifications” tab, the ability to unlock the mouse, the ability to place voxels with arrow keys, and an inventory revamp are all part of the fun. Check out the patch trailer after the break!


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Melissa McDonald

Looking forward to playing this. I hope it fulfills its promise and isn’t just a “kick over somebody else’s sandcastle” kind of world.


That’s my biggest fear, that the whole thing will fall into the typical tribal gankbox situation. So far I haven’t heard anything to the contrary.

I’ve been looking forward to trying the old framing and microvoxel stuff that we did in Landmark, but I will not bother if someone is likely to come along and raid my workshop.