ArcheAge’s Black Dragon world boss is live today – best not teach it ‘dracarys’

ArcheAge has been teasing dragons all week – it’s the thing to do right now, after all, if you’re remotely tuned in to the Game of Thrones meta. Well, now that dragon has entered the chat as a world boss threatening players has finally landed in the game’s latest update.

“Awaiting the daring heroes of Erenor, a beast, black as night lurks in the barren Ridgeland mountains. gamigo is excited to announce its latest update for the fantasy MMORPG ArcheAge. Among the people of the secluded Karkasse Ridgeland, the legends of the Red Dragon are more than just old wives tales. The crimson drake plunged the lands into chaos and covered them in ashes. Now, after a time of peace, a new, mighty danger threatens the Ridgelands – The Black Dragon. The different factions, Nui, Haranya and Pirates have to defend Erenor against the dark beast. If the players succeed in defeating this mighty foe, the ruthless PvP battle for its treasures commences.”

Gamigo notes that players won’t be able to just harpoon this particular dragon but will instead “have to rely on their unique skills and excellent teamwork” if they want to take it down and snag their very own Black Dragon weapons.


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RIP Archeage Alpha. You are sorely missed.