PlanetSide 2 focuses on optimization and celebrates PlanetSide 1’s 16th birthday


You know what makes me feel better about an MMO, especially an MMO in a franchise that’s been kicked around a bit and seen a big ol’ refund-and-delay this year? A producer’s letter. And that’s what PlanetSide 2 has delivered this week.

Daybreak’s Nick Silva explains that the team’s focus is currently on server optimization. “In our recent investigation we determined there are improvements that need to be made to the hardware and configuration of specific PlanetSide 2 servers,” he writes. “We began that effort recently by adding new hardware to the Cobalt and Miller data center. There are still some improvements that need to be made to the configuration of those servers, but we plan on chipping away at server performance issues on a case-by-case basis in the coming months.”

Meanwhile, the studio is celebrating PlanetSide 1’s 16th anniversary.

“It feels fitting that we initially announced the New Soldier Update last November during our PS2 6th Anniversary celebration, and were able to deliver in time for another birthday. Last year, we added the Bending Bundle, featuring some throwback armors and a throwback weapon, The Suppressor SMG. This year, we’re bringing those items back until the end of the month, running some double (and quadruple!) experience events, and showing off a new weapon in an upcoming stream.”


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Dankey Kang

Despite all the minor (and a couple of major) bugs with DX11, Planetside is in the best state it has ever been at the moment. Along with DX11, server upgrades have generally increased performance across the board so I have been having a lot of fun with it.

Aside from that, I recieved an email from steam a few days ago notifying me about a refund for the Planetside:Arena cosmetics I bought back when the whole thing was in beta around February. It looks like they will be changing the model from Buy to Play to Free to Play which is probably the only way it will be able to compete in today’s market.