Saga of Lucimia’s creator answers two hours of player questions

Not happening.

Forgot for a moment that Saga of Lucimia exists? That’s probably more the studio’s fault than yours, as the last time we heard from this budding fantasy MMO was all the way back in March with a look at its quest system in action. Before that in February, the dev team noted that it was moving into its second stage of development.

But now one member of this team has poked his head out of his hidey-hole to answer a slew of community questions on the Battle-Ax Theater show. Tim Anderson elaborated on the creation of the game before fielding dozens of queries about everything from fighting with torches to leveling curves.

On the show, Tim made another pitch why Lucimia’s hardcore and detail-oriented design sets it apart from the modern MMO: “My personal desire is for people to think more about this as a world or a setting within which they can have adventures just like when you pick up a Dungeon Master’s guide for D&D […] I want players to have the experience they want to have opposed to being on the rails of a themepark.”

Source: YouTube
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