The Division 2 gets trigger-happy with the Gunner specialization


When you’re running around the post-apocalyptic streets of The Division 2’s Washington D.C., do you ever find yourself feeling as if you’re not doing enough carnage and mayhem with your portable arsenal? Then you might be a prime target for the game’s newest specialization, the Gunner.

Coming in a June update, the Gunner entrusts a minigun to players with the admonition to use it sparsely and wisely. Ha ha, just kidding, shoot everything that’s moving and everything else besides. You’ll have to jump through some serious hoops to get the Gunner, however, as five stages of in-game challenges are required.

“With an emphasis on sustained damage output and damage resilience, the Gunner will serve as the vanguard of SHD Agents in the ongoing fight to reclaim the city,” Ubisoft said. “When activated, the Gunner receive bonus armour based on the amount of specialization ammunition they are carrying and can easily tank incoming damage for short periods of time while using their minigun to suppress their enemies. There’s a catch though — when the weapon is drawn, the Gunner can’t enter cover, vault, or roll.”

Players can check the Gunner out on the public test server today.

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agemyth 😩

You’ll have to jump through some serious hoops to get the Gunner, however, as five stages of in-game challenges are required.

Not if you pony up for the Season Pass :D (or buy individual specs with premium currency)

Q: Since Pass players get immediate access to the specialization, doesn’t this create a gameplay advantage?
A:Specializations have abilities and specialized weapons tailored to specific playstyles. Though Year 1 Pass owners will have the benefit of instant access to new Specializations, all players will be able to unlock them through gameplay. All Specializations have different strengths and weaknesses, and appeal to different playstyles and tactical situations. The new Specializations will offer the same tier of power as other Specializations.

Sounds better than keeping new classes behind pay walls I guess. On the other hand, this is also the kind of content that is easiest to justify purchasing, but I guess they prefer to funnel people towards their loot boxes instead?

I’ve been meaning to play more Division 2, so it sounds like with this and the recent raid things are interesting again for a bit.

Randy Savage

Why bother caring about new specializations when the special ammo for them is so sparse?