Star Wars: The Old Republic details gearing in Onslaught as the Dantooine Incursion launches today

Ooh, it's meat time.

If you were otherwise engaged or didn’t have better than an hour to devote to hearing how the Spoils of War system will change how gearing works in Star Wars: The Old Republic’s upcoming Onslaught expansion, then you can get all the details in easy to digest text format.

As mentioned previously, the driving principle of this system is “play your way,” which is achieved through a number of new systems. Among these is the addition of more armor set bonuses, new Tactical Items that will confer a wide variety of boons if players are able to get one, and new Amplifiers that bring extra stat boosts on each type of gear modification in the game. If all of these extra numbers have your PvP-loving heart broken, the devs hope that the use of the Bolster stat balancing system will make things fair. That said, set bonuses, Tactical Items, and Amplifiers will still modify your performance.

So how does one get all of these new toys? The usual methods such as via Missions, PvE content, and Flashpoint drops, though those drops should take into consideration your discipline and power level when granting you shinies. Should you still get something that’s not for your character, every major drop will be bound to your Legacy instead of your account, meaning those drops can be traded among your characters.

The dev blog also breaks down how Galactic Command will be changing as a secondary method of advancement and gearing instead of a primary one, and the Deconstruction system that will grant crafting materials and a new currency to help you build relevant endgame gear or purchase items from special vendors if you run into a streak of bad luck. Basically it’s a long read, but it still won’t take an hour.

In other SWTOR news, the Dantooine Incursion is officially launching today!

“Game Update 5.10.3 ‘The Dantooine Incursion’ is now live! In this update, players will be able to traverse a new planet – Dantooine. Taking place on the planet will be the new Pirate Incursion in-game event which serves as the next stepping stone in the escalating war between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire. Even though Dantooine is tied in with the new limited time in-game event, the planet itself will be available any time players wish to visit it. The scenic view of this pastoral landscape will be available for exploration at your leisure. Some Daily Missions will only be available when the planet is peaceful and there is more available for those with a keen enough eye. Players that have completed the storyline on Ossus will also find their pivotal choice there will affect certain missions on Dantooine.”


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Randy Savage

That’s all well and good but what about the stupid business model?


I have no problem with their business model, it’s the game that sucks.

Randy Savage

Their business model is the absolute worst of any Western MMO. The F2P option should be enticing you to subscribe, not punishing you if you don’t. And yeah, the game has way too many flaws to be ignored when faced with having to sub just to be able to do anything. If they want to get me back, they need to fix the game -and- their business model. One or the other is not enough at this point.