SWTOR: Onslaught promises a better gearing system with Spoils of War

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When Star Wars: The Old Republic: Onslaught arrives later this year, BioWare will be tossing out the old gearing system that’s been in place for several years now to replace it with a (hopefully) better system called Spoils of War.

In a recent developer livestream, the studio explained how this system will learn from the mistakes of Galactic Command and Ossus gearing to offer “true depth and choice” for players. The key element for this is to allow acquisition of build-defining gear by “playing your way” and protecting gamers from the ire of the RNG. Galactic Command will still be present in Onslaught but demoted to a “supplementary system.”

For the time being, SWTOR fans can busy themselves with the new Pirate Incursion event on Dantooine. This public event boasts many tempting rewards to attain, such as a disgruntled Ugnaught companion named Vrik and Dantooine-themed stronghold decorations.

Source: Vulkk, Twitter

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Larry Kouns

Anthem-esque complicated gear system and an ugnaught companion. No word on story improvements, tweaking the companion interface or on missing old companions like Kira, Scourge or Zenith. Sounds like a winner.

Kickstarter Donor

Kira and Scourge are mentioned by the Doc companion on Ossus, if you play a Jedi Knight.

After the story events on Ossus conclude, if you talk to Doc before deciding to keep him on as a companion, or to send him away, and you ask him if he’s heard anything from the others, he will mention that Kira and Scourge partnered up to investigate something significant re: The Force and the galaxy.

This aligns with previous rumors I’d heard that Kira has not yet returned as a companion because she’s now set to play a larger role in the storyline of the game at some future point. Evidently, Scourge is a part of this as well.

Oh, and the ugnaut companion is part of the new Dantooine Pirate Event reward list. The Dantooine stuff is meant to be a repeating in-game event, like Relics of thw Gree; or the Rakghoul Plague Events.

Onslaught, slated for Fall 2019, is the expansion content, intended to move the game’s story forward with new story content.


I don’t think RNG needs to go away completely, removing it might make gear too easy to get. You still want a sense of achievement and rarity when you get a drop. When you need 2+ perfect slot rolls for meta-gear(or if there’s the possibility to downgrade/destroy your item on enchant), that’s where the problems start.

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Saw video from a cantina that sure make it seem like you don’t need to maintain a sub to progress, just to get the latest content. Which makes me happy and will see me returning to the game when this expansion drops.


Ugnaught companion, just what everyone was asking for.

I’ll never understand this unwillingness (impossibility?) of going back to the previous working system, no one was unhappy with the gearing system, there was absolutely no reason to mess with it, but at least they seem to have realized that those people who do like this system, or aspects of it, shouldn’t be punished in the new system.

Another positive aspect is that while this whole pirate thing is horrible, it is a direct response of players saying they miss something similar to Rishi/SOR, sadly i don’t think this is what we mean but at least they are listening.

Jim Bergevin Jr

Completely inevitable. They botched the game in so many ways with 4.0 and 5.0, Keith has spent his entire tenure trying to fix the damage that was done.