The Soapbox: SWTOR’s Legacy of the Sith is bad, but not for the reasons you’ve heard

I've never been a big Star Wars fan, but I am a big BioWare fan, and after many failed attempts to get into the...

Hyperspace Beacon: How SWTOR added two Onslaught stories (but wrote only one)

Star Wars: The Old Republic prides itself on being a game with choices that matter. Fundamentally, one of the biggest choices a player can...

Hyperspace Beacon: First impressions of SWTOR’s Onslaught and Update 6.0

Like all other Star Wars: The Old Republic fans, I have been waiting for another expansion from BioWare for too long. Of course, the...

Hyperspace Beacon: Is SWTOR prepared for the Onslaught?

Welcome back to the Hyperspace Beacon. I have taken a much-needed break over this summer to come back to the first expansion that Star...

SWTOR does a fly-by of Onslaught’s key capital city

There is less than a week to go until Star Wars: The Old Republic players get their first expansion in years. That means that...

SWTOR previews the new tricks Onslaught brings to Snipers and Gunslingers

It's almost like Star Wars: The Old Republic just realized how close October 22nd is and how many sub-classes there are left to preview....

SWTOR’s Powertechs and Vanguards get lethal new toys

The parade of Star Wars: The Old Republic class changes marches on, with BioWare thrusting the Powertech and Vanguard advanced roles into the spotlight...
Bap-a-dap-daaaa, daaa, dap-a-bap-daaaaaa ~♪

Star Wars: The Old Republic reaches final phase of Onslaught testing, previews Mercenaries and Commandos

It's the final countdown over on the Star Wars: The Old Republic's test server, or more accurately, the final test phase. Yes, there's still more...

Star Wars: The Old Republic adds progression for Sorcerers and Sages

It is always disappointing when an MMO expansion comes along and then gives your character nothing to show for those shiny new levels he...

Star Wars The Old Republic’s Charles Boyd talks up Onslaught’s first planet, Onderon

The planet of Onderon has a much more vast story history than I was aware of, with the location used in comic book form,...

SWTOR explains just how you’ll get that free Nautolan unlock

If you were paying attention to anything other than WoW Classic on Monday, you might recall that Star Wars: The Old Republic slipped in...

BioWare delays SWTOR Onslaught to October, but it’s handing out free Nautolans

Hey you know what should be announced today that will totally not get buried by any other major events? The release date for the...

SWTOR offers rewards and a mount for Onslaught expansion testers

With September just a shade over a month away, Star Wars: The Old Republic's expansion is starting to pretty herself up for the big...

SWTOR shows Onslaught pics, announces more free expansions for all players

This weekend's Star Wars: The Old Republic community cantina in San Diego proved to be a font of information about this fall's Onslaught expansion,...
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SWTOR: Onslaught promises a better gearing system with Spoils of War

When Star Wars: The Old Republic: Onslaught arrives later this year, BioWare will be tossing out the old gearing system that's been in place...

SWTOR’s Charles Boyd on new gearing and character progression in Onslaught

Hopefully, you've seen our other coverage of the Star Wars: The Old Republic community cantina that took place this past weekend. If not, you...

Take advantage of EVE Online’s double-training weekend

Boot up those neural implants, EVE Online capsuleers: CCP Games has announced that this weekend is a double-training weekend until November 19th. Players with...

EVE Online’s winter Onslaught update will go live on November 13

Prepare yourself, capsuleers: CCP Games announced this week that EVE Online's winter expansion, Onslaught, will be going live next Tuesday, November 13th, bringing with it...

EVE Vegas 2018: Project Nova pre-alpha is playable with alpha signups open now

Two years ago at EVE Fanfest 2016, CCP Games showed off a demo of a new first-person shooter codenamed Project Nova that rose from...
This, uh, didn't work out great.

Champions Online offers a guide to playing as Grond

Some people are just set up to be superhumans. Take Champions Online's Grond - the guy was injected with an experimental serum, got more...