Star Wars The Old Republic’s Charles Boyd talks up Onslaught’s first planet, Onderon


The planet of Onderon has a much more vast story history than I was aware of, with the location used in comic book form, TV series form, and in KOTOR II. As one would expect, three different media’s worth of inspiration also translates to a lot of lore to chew on, and that’s just what was discussed by Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Charles Boyd in an interview from Swtorista.

The interview takes a deep dive into the planet’s canon history, asking about the implications of the KOTOR II storyline on this version of the planet, where Onderon got most of its visual inspiration, and what players can expect in terms of story beats for the planet on the Republic and Imperial sides.

It’s all about lore, so if you’re hoping for gameplay revelations, you’ll be sorely disappointed. For Star Wars lore hounds, hearing two people discuss past and present story beats based on the planet is pretty awesome to listen to. The interview is embedded below.

source: YouTube, with thanks to Swtorista for the link

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So I had 1h between my usual games and wanted to spend it on SWTOR

Ended up playing 6h and my eyes seeing lightsabers everywhere for the remainder of that day

I think i should give this game a fair shot in the near future


The class stories up to Revan are fun. Revan’s fun at least a few times (Imperial/Republic, certainly).

The Knights of the Eternal This, That, and the Other Valkorian? If you’re a Force-using character, and you’re not really set on being loyal to the Empire or the Republic, it’s worth a run-through. It doesn’t make any sense at all as a non-Force class though, and the plot armor on some of the NPCs is… epic. But there are some genuinely fun StarWarsy moments in there.

The post-Knights story is better – just be careful if you’re in a team, some of the missions are bugged as all getout in a group.

If you like Star Wars, I think you’d certainly get your money’s worth out of subbing for one month once the next expansion drops – you’ll be “premium”, get some cartel coins for something shiny, and unlock all the post-class-story content and level caps up to that expansion permanently. I don’t think it’s worth a continuing sub to though.